Da Vinci Diamonds

Here's how you can play Da Vinci Diamonds online slot game, developed to pay homage to famous artist Leonardo da Vinci.
Da Vinci Diamonds

Here’s how you can play Da Vinci Diamonds online slot game, developed to pay homage to famous artist Leonardo da Vinci.

Most people will know who Leonardo da Vinci is. The famous artist and engineer. Well, IGT have created a slot machine focussing on the man. Introducing Da Vinci Diamonds!

It’s certainly not a new game on the slots scene. First released back in 2012, Da Vinci Diamonds online slot game is still hugely popular today.

While the game was initially published in 2012, it is well into its “slots years” yet is still an engaging game.

With dozens of chances to win, a respectable fixed jackpot, and a “tumbling reels” feature that will be recognizable to Gonzo’s Quest fans, this game has the ability to delight even people who have never set foot inside an art museum.

Whether you are interested in art or not, you will most certainly be interested in the winning potential of this game. Tiffany from the Slot Squad loves this game, which you can see here.

What is Da Vinci Diamonds?

Whether or not you are familiar with Leonardo’s paintings and sketches of fantastic flying machines, this IGT game offers such an intriguing spin on the classic slot principle that it merits a play on its own.

The Da Vinci Diamonds slot’s distinctive tumbling reels feature is unquestionably its most intriguing feature. Since other games like Gonzo’s Quest now provide it as well, we hesitate to label the feature unique. We should however, point out that this game was the first to include it.

As winners burst and vanish, the symbols above take their place in what is essentially a free re-spin, which will be familiar to fans of smartphone games like Candy Crush and Bejewelled.

There is no denying that the Da Vinci Diamonds slot machine is beginning to seem dated. The symbols themselves look rather good but the bland black background and sparse animations don’t look terrific.

You may anticipate to witness well-known Da Vinci works like the Mona Lisa, Portrait of a Musician, and Lady with an Ermine. All in addition to a variety of diamonds and rubies. Who said playing the slots couldn’t be a learning experience?

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Game Bonus

The fact that you must line up three Bonus symbols on a legal payline in addition to landing three Bonus symbols is one minor problem we have with the game. As you can expect, this isn’t the simplest task to complete (especially with those tumbling reels confusing matters even more).

You’re in for a treat however when you do go there. You just may reasonably anticipate it to take a few sessions. Even though the game’s bonus round only offers six free spins at first glance, you may really earn more free spins (up to 300) each time you land between three and five Bonus symbols.

The bonus round is without a doubt the biggest opportunity to make up lost money and maybe score a sizable victory. This is frequently the case with games that are a few years old. We wouldn’t hold it against someone if they took the money and left after a bonus round if you’re seeking for Da Vinci Diamonds advice.

Da Vinci Diamonds Jackpot

The advent of progressive jackpots and “millionaire makers” has altered the landscape of online gambling. However, the enormous benefits come at a price. Fewer wins and a lower RTP%. Games like Da Vinci Diamonds are a much safer choice in this regard.

With its rolling reels and sizable set Da Vinci Diamonds jackpot, this slot machine provides ample opportunities to win a lot of money without taking a significant risk. With a close to 95% RTP, it is also not overly volatile. It is uncommon to go more than a few plays without experiencing a win of any kind.

A quarter of a million dollars is still a tonne of money, despite the fact that this jackpot may not be the largest one ever!

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Why This Game?

Overall, except from the fact that the bonus round seems very challenging to initiate, it’s actually fairly tough to find anything unfavourable to say in a Da Vinci Diamonds online slot review.

Thanks to Gonzo’s Quest and Birds, its spinning reel mechanics may no longer be novel. However, it’s still intriguing to learn about the feature’s modest origins. This one is definitely worth trying out because to its solid jackpot, low RTP%, and attractive visuals.

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