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Find all of the Slot Squad’s Latest Videos right here. Watch the Slot Squad visit casinos all over the US playing your favourite table games and slot machines. We also will be adding daily online slot reviews from the Slot Squad’s Twitch channel

You will see the Squad win big and review all kinds of slot games focusing on what the features, wilds and bonus rounds look like while playing. This can give you an edge – you can watch and figure out which games are worth your while without searching endlessly!

Casino Slot Videos Galore!

Check out our brave Slot Squad team playing online slot favorites like Valley of Fortunes, Betti the Yetti, Lightning Shenlong, Da Vinci Diamonds, Endless Treasure, and many more.

Our streamers are the best live casino streamers in the US.  Hands-down.  Led by the fearless Hoagie, our gang has a blast playing online slots – and testing out new games so you don’t have to!

We’ll guide you through the ins and outs of online US casinos, from the big puppies to the little mice, and show you how to deposit, withdraw, and above all, how to play the online casino games.

We have a lot of fun doing it too – and it’s only more fun if you join us for the rid.

Just us on our streaming on Twitch.  We love you. In a creepy way. Our favorite song is this, too.

Valley of Fortunes

Types of Online Casino Games:

Modern online casinos offer everything you’ll find in a brick and mortar casino, with many additions that are not possible in a physical format. For example, you’ll never find a Slingo slot machine in physical form!  Or, unless you’re going to a senior center, you’ll never find Bingo either.

However, you can find all your physical casino favorites online, like:

  • Jackpot slots
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Video Poker
  • Penny Slots


But, Please Be Safe!  Responsible Casino Gambling Resources

Yes, online slots are a good time, but only if you play within your limits.  Online casinos allow you to set time limits, deposit limits by day, week, month, and limits on how much you can win or lose at a time.  If you have ANY concerns about your online casino gambling, PLEASE look into these limits.  Further, you can exclude yourself from online casinos at any point – for a period of time or permanently.

Here are gambling help resources, in case you’re concerned:

Online Casinos are Emulating The Live Experience

While playing in live casinos is often an unparalleled experience, what with the thrills and the conversation and oh, the free beers, online casinos are making strides to form a similar atmosphere.

Many online casinos, like BetRivers & Virgin, for example, have extremely active chat rooms that both provide a sense of camaraderie among players but ALSO exist to awar active chatters and players with spur-of-the-moment awards and bonuses.

While this isn’t quite the same as a live casino, there are a lot of pros to it (e.g. it doesn’t smell like smoke), and kudos for operators for giving it a shot!


Famous Movies About Gambling

Vulture has a great article that features the top 26 movies about gambling – right here.  There are LOADS of movies that are left off the list, but it’s a decent start.  For me, the best movie that focuses on gambling has to be Casino Royale (the Daniel Craig one, not the ridiculous earlier one).  That’s gotta be way up there in the pantheon of Bond greats, and although the poker game is a little bit silly if you’ve ever played poker… what a great movie.

In 2nd place for me? Austin Powers.  “5”.  “I’ll stay.”  “I suggest you hit, Sir.” “I also like to live dangerously”.  Brilliant.  Check it out.

In 3rd place?  Oh…. Jurassic Park?  I figure if you extract dino DNA from fossilized amber, you’re gambling pretty big-time.  And, in this case, not coming out ahead.  Also, did Michael Crichton ever write another good book?  The Andromeda Strain, certainly.  And those two books were flat-out terrific. But have you read his other stuff?  It’s like…. insert a metaphor here, man.  It ai’t good.



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