Twila, one of The Slot Squad’s streamers, is based in Michigan and tries new online casino games in front of a Twitch audience every week.

Twila is one half of our incredibly talented double act – Twila and Vorti! They are a married couple from Michigan, and both come from a hugely experienced Twitch streaming background.

They have reached ‘Partner’ level on Twitch, thanks to their loyal fanbase of regular Twitch viewers. Now, she is an integral part of The Slot Squad. She also loves to visit her local casino in Detroit.

Twila and Vorti will regularly stream their slot play for over 6 hours at a time. They always keep their audience entertained every minute along the way! Twila says “being able to share my passion with everyone is such an amazing experience, and we’re grateful to have our followers along with us at The Slot Squad!”

Twitch Streaming

Twila loves to stream blackjack, and this has led the slot squad to becoming the most watched blackjack streamer on twitch! Even dealers are shouting them out on the table. Twila and Vorti also tend to organise meet ups for their fans in local areas. People can meet, sign up and play slots together. Keep an eye out for when the next one comes!

They stream every week on the Slot squad channel. The content ranges from slots to table games and the pair often hit huge wins!

Slot Squad